im watching maleficent and wow i wanna gif every second of it

i drove for the first time today in like a year and i was rlly comfortable w it because i was at a forest preserve and there was only a little bit of traffick :~)

"you being suicidal and trans is irrelevant right now" is that what you tell yourself so that you can feel better about harassing me ?

i dont condone the fact that jennifer lawrence’s nudes were leaked at all pls do not reblog or share the photos but honestly will ppl shut the fuck up now about her being a “curvy” girl because shes not. at all. she has tiny tits and an average butt/hips and a completely flat tummy.

spyro just makes me so happy honestly whenever im stressed i just play year of the dragon and it zones me out i never get bored of it spyro is amazing