this looks like a senior class picture of guinea pigs

its 12 am and there are people arguing in front of my house in spanish please stop

a plumber and a drywall fixer dude came to our house today and both of them were like “how do you even live in this shitpot” lmao

a gifset of baekhyun has the most notes in the ladies code tag right now honestly how disrespectful can you be? not everything is about your oppa and his feelings please have some basic respect and sympathy for ladies code & their family, friends and fans. they need your attention right now, not your oppas.

here i am taking a break from my main blog so i can focus on college and not deal with stupid shit but i still like to set up a queue for my got blog and i have to see shitty posts on my dash like “dear tumblr stop being so offended” blah balha nlabh shut the fuck up i left my main to escape from this reverse opression bullshit i need a break. i need a break from life and from racists and homophobes and transphobes for a little bit. actually i need a break from those forever. everyone needs to just shut the fuck up im so tired. of all this. i just want to exist without strangers trying to silence me or ignore me or persecute me.

the fact that joan rivers is trending over the minimum wage protest says a lot. it really, really says a lot.

911 please arrest miley cyrus there is something seriously wrong with her

i give up on disney. i just give up.

"god forbid Disney doesnt spend an unnecessary amount of time creating new models from scratch every time they make a movie"

this just in: u dont even need character diversity anymore. at all. just copy paste the same exact character in all of your movies. in fact, copy paste their personality too. change the movie title from bh6 to frozen 2 while you’re at it.